A Brief History of Time was a really exciting project which challenged the way in which we digested printed matter and interacted with content in a more exploratory way.
The publishers of Stephen Hawkings book wanted to attract a younger demographic who were identified as having less time to consume books in the 'traditional way', a dynamic and functional app based offering was proposed to help aide the complexity presented in Stephen's theories.
We decided to break the content into a series of manageable chunks that could be dipped in and out of in any order and as the user saw fit. The fluid and continuous scroll of the page meant that information floated into view dependant on the period in the solar systems lifecycle that you entered. We were confronted with publishing restriction which meant that not all of the book was able to be surfaced to the user, however this presented the opportunity to look at alternative and relevant substitutes to take its place. We looked at audio and video, interactive experiments, social media and Q&A's with scientists who could weigh in and comment through special sessions.
The project allowed me to explore a beautiful style of flat illustration that was complimented by a vibrant palette that sat atop the dark, open expanses of black and grey tones.
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