Proudly British start up Arlo & Jacob, make beautiful crafted sofas, that are comfortable, affordable and for the family to jump on, cuddle and live their lives. As a retailer competing in a competitive market saturated with messages around comfort its refreshing to work with a brand that puts the family at the heart of what it does, and why it does it.
The site has iteratively improved since its initial launch back in 2016, with online sales growing year on year and a steady development roadmap which has seen the widened to increase product and fabric visibility, improve customer journeys and more recently enhance the configuration of products through a react JS modular interface that enables users to change sizes, fabrics, and attributes swiftly and without having to paginate between different screens.
The enhanced product configurator was derived from a series of workshops in which UX barriers were identified and a number of solutions proposed. Through quick fire prototypes, and interaction demoes it was clear that the proposed solution which drew inspiration from app based interactions would allow the user to quickly amend choices related to the purchase of a sofa allowing them to check out quicker and with more confidence.
• Visit: Arlo & Jacob
• Designed while working at: Other Media

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