Forrest is a passion project turned business venture between myself and my co-founder Adam, the Head of Mobile at Other Media. In this role as co-founder and essentially design director I have collaboratively defined the roadmap of the product, the visual direction for the app, brand and marketing and worked on the interface, architecture with full creative control.
Forrest is an exercise tracker with a unique race mechanism that provides racers with both a visual and audible update on how their race is progressing to give them an extra push and make the participation of exercise more fun.
After a successful MVP launch (delayed twice by the arrival of both our children), which was ad supported, we dove into an update which allowed users to race on their watch, a fun but challenging domain to consolidate the complexities into some simple, streamlined and essentially glanceable.
This then led to developing and launching version 2.0 which introduces additional features and the social elements of the project that we always envisioned. Version 2.0 also brings with it monetisation opportunities through our Forrest Pro subscriptions which allow you to race against your friends, and see enhanced stats like race splits.
We are still very much at the start of our journey and proudly independent. This lean nature means we can focus our efforts where we see most benefit to our users and so far the feedback has been great with predominantly 5 stars across the board.
We have trialled a number of marketing efforts to grow our userbase. The most successful saw a growth of approximately 45,000 new users in 1 24 hour period. We currently have around 55,000 registered users.
Please follow us on Twitter & Instagram and check back here regularly to see us grow and be a part of the journey.
Download Forrest for iOS.

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