Working closely with the curator of East and West (VTOC), I was asked to create a series of promotional marketing materials alongside the identity and a comprehensive catalogue to promote the exhibition of photographic works being shown in the gallery grounds of Birbeck College London. 
Purposefully reserved, a minimalist typographic identity was designed to compliment the artworks and essays by the exhibitors which explored themes arising from the Ottoman culture and were visually immersive.
The visual identity of the exhibition drew from the tones of the photography, so as to not conflict with the imagery on display. The typographic styling, with a clear sense of hierarchy and a multitude of stylistic quirks inside the catalogue allowed for consistency and ease of reproduction.
The layout, allowed the images to sit generously spaced, and gave the images space to flow through the layout in a fluid fashion. Deliberate breaks were left in the flat plan to allow for the reader to meander through the catalogue at their own pace as they explored the exhibition without feeling overwhelmed.

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