Vollebak is an ambitious outdoor sportswear brand, founded by twin brother Nick and Steve Tidball, that fuses tech with science and general bad-assery, to create the best adventure gear available on the planet. 
Following a series of workshops and iterative design consultations, I was approached to redesign the Vollebak e-commerce site (in a move from Shopify to Wordpress) to embody the 3 key brand values of Science, Attitude & Intelligence alongside the intuitive exploration of engaging content, and innovative product stories.
The delivery of the site is enhanced with beautiful product photography that balances washes of colour with the minimalistic, monochromatic, pared back interface. The host of subtle micro interactions and delicate design decisions provide delight and intuitive feedback to users inputs through a variety of device agnostic interactions that are considered for both touch screens and a traditional desktop experience.
Some Cool Project Stats
1006% increase in Sales
800% increase in page views
34% increase in pages per session
36% increase in avg session duration
• Visit: vollebak.com
• Designed while working at: Other Media

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