As part of the ECB's digital strategy, we had the opportunity at the Other Media to develop one of the first apple watch apps to be released into the Watch Store. I was lucky enough to lead the design effort for this innovative new piece of wearable tech. 
Building upon the success of the other digital platforms in ECB's arsenal, we wanted to give the user the ability to digest important pieces of information, easily and comfortably. The watch is a very personal device and we needed to be sympathetic to the users current interaction and usage patterns. 
In the initial stages of the design process we attempted to fill the app with far too much, which hindered and cluttered the users experience. Taking a step back and focusing our attention on the key details we were able to refine and craft an interface that was fitting the level of beauty that the outer watch demonstrated.
Clear iconography and signposting using colour was key to building our visual language and this helped to breed clarity and consistency across the app. An animated element was added to notifications and helped to create a dynamic and engaging app experience.
The ECB Apple Watch app was featured in Apple's marketing effort and was a highlighted on their website. We were also spotted in the keynote presentation and were in the top sport apps to have on the watch.

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